Tips to Avoid Cracking Concrete

Concrete is prone to cracking and can never be totally prevented or eradicated. If cracks are present in your current concrete and you wish to apply a decorative coating the cracks will come through.

Cracks in your concrete not only spoil the aesthetic of your driveway but, over time, can impact the functionality as they grow in size damaging the rest of the surface.

What you’re probably wondering is; is there any way to help prevent this?

The answer is yes.

The best time to try and prevent your concrete cracking is at its installation. This is the easiest way to set a strong foundation for long-lasting concrete.

So, here are a couple of ways that may help prevent cracking in your concrete:

#1 – Saw Cuts

You’ve already read about the way the concrete constantly expands and contracts and saw cuts are a way of minimising cracks.

A saw cut made in the concrete allows for that inevitable movement to take place without damaging the surface. These cuts can’t just go anywhere though, their placement is important in ensuring success.

#2 – Cure Your Concrete Properly

Curing concrete helps to prevent moisture from escaping, which can result in rapid shrinkage and, subsequently, cracks.